Why CoreShop

The Most Powerful and Flexible eCommerce Solution

eCommerce today isn't a competitive advantage - it's necessity! CoreShop is the most effective commerce system for cost effective, complex or B2B solutions. Many of our customers fit into these categories:

  • I have Pimcore but I need great eCommerce without integration and a half year delivery!
  • We need to have a PIM. Our products are complex and e-commerce alone isn't enough!
  • I need a flexible, cost effective solution that can grow - not be replaced every 2 years!

The Solution

The good news is that CoreShop is the right answer for these customers. CoreShop is built directly in Pimcore(r) platform. CoreShop provides more extensions and enhancements than anyone else – making CoreShop perfect for complex solutions already on Pimcore or for someone who really needs a PIM for their eCommerce.

Product Information Management is becoming recognized as the biggest enabler of successful eCommerce stores for high volume, complex transactions, B2B and mutli-store solutions. CoreShop allows you to create exactly the kind of commerce experiences you need to win more customers to buy from you.

It’s fast. Built directly on Pimcore, there are no API’s, no “integrations,” no failure points. CoreShop is flexible enough to handle any size organization. CoreShop is extemely affordable because the software is open source, but the implementations are faster since it is part of the Pimcore implementation. No license fees ever. Faster implementations are lower cost – yet higher quality.


CoreShop is built on Pimcore. This makes CoreShop real PIM commerce. It is free to use. It’s easy to maintain. Magento is long implementation times. Not built for B2B. Practitioners avoid being on its latest release. Expect budget and time over-runs. Shopify does not handle complex commerce that CoreShop is regularly used for. It’s a lite duty starting cart system. Retailers say they often move on after only 18 months on the system.

The benefit of a Pimcore / CoreShop Implementation:

  • With a PIM, eCommerce handles the largest and most complex implementations
  • Having a DAM makes your photos, media and updates fast and easy to publish once everywhere.
  • Connectivity isn't an issue, its native.
  • CoreShop is typically half the time to implement compared to any other solution using Pimcore. It can be less.
  • You won't outgrow CoreShop

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CoreShop offeres a wide range of out-of-the-box features.


Use one Pimcore installation to host multiple shops and reuse configurations, categories and products.

Product Management

Native implemented product management using Pimcore objects.


Native implemented variants using Pimcore object variants.


Custom implemented with rich UI. Everything in CoreShop is designed to be localized.


Allow multiple currencies and conversion between them. CoreShop also supports a wide range of providers to automate exchange rates.


Allow orders only from specific countries.


In some countries different states/regions/provinces apply different taxes.


Manage your categories using Pimcore objects.


Use one of the existing payment providers, or use the API and code it yourself.

Price Rule

Create cart vouchers on specific conditions.


Create your carriers and price calculation using shipping rules.


Switch between themes with one click.


CoreShop takes advantages of Pimcore's Workflow Feature.


The updater allows you to update your CoreShop Instance to the latest build.

Customer Service

Customer services is one of the most important things, CoreShop offers that.

Similar Products

CoreShop knows which products are similar (using Indexes/Filters) and displays them in product detail.


Easily configure taxes for multiple countries.

Stock Management

CoreShop keeps track of your stock-changes.


Native implemented carts using Pimcore objects.


Know everything about your stock and products.


CoreShop comes with a large set of reports.

Index and Filters

Create a product index and create filters like multiselect or range.

Specific Prices

Define specific prices for a product based on some conditions.


If the standard does not fit your needs, you can extend everything.


Auto generates your PDF-invoices and sends it directly to your customers.

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