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Key features

CoreShop offeres a wide range of out-of-the-box features.

  • Product Management

    Manage products like you are used to.

  • Product Variants

    Manage variants like you are used to.

  • Localization

    CoreShop is fully localizable.

  • Currencies

    Manage currencies with automatic conversion.

  • Countries/States

    Manage your countries and states.

  • Category Management

    Manage categories like you are used to pimcore.

  • Abstract Payment

    Payment providers are implemented as pimcore plugins.

  • Cart Price Rule

    Manage cart price rules with voucher codes

  • Carrier

    Create carriers and configure shipping prices using shipping rules.

  • Theme

    CoreShop supports multiple themes with multiple shops.

  • Invoices/Shipment Slips

    CoreShop takes care of Invoice and Shipment Slip generation. As well as PDF Generation of these documents.

  • Workflow

    CoreShop uses Pimcore Workflows to handle Status/States for Orders.

  • Extendable

    CoreShop is fully adatable without touching its core files.

  • Specific Product Prices

    Apply specific prices on products based on different conditions.

  • Catalog Price Rules

    Apply rules to different products in your the catalog.

  • Reports

    CoreShop comes with a large set of reports.

  • Monitoring

    Know everything about your stock and products.

  • Carts

    Native implemented Carts.

  • Stock Management

    CoreShop keeps track of your stock-changes.

  • Taxes

    Easily configure taxes for multiple countries.

  • Index and Filters

    Create a product index and create filters like multiselect or range.

  • Similar Products

    CoreShop knows which products are similar and displays them in product detail.

  • Customer Service

    Customer services is one of the most important things, CoreShop offers that.

  • Multishop

    Use one Pimcore installation to host multiple shops and reuse configurations, categories and products.

  • Enhanced Ecommerce Analytics

    CoreShop supports enhanced tracking like "Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce" or "Google Tag Manager".

  • Updater

    The updater allows you to update your CoreShop instance to the latest build.

  • Open Source

    We love OpenSource and so does CoreShop.


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Pimcore Integration

Native UI

CoreShop takes use of the rich and user-friendly ExtJs Library.

Every CoreShop class is implemented natively into Pimcore and supports the same API as Pimcore does.

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