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JUST for Pimcore

CoreShop is the #1 eCommerce solution based on Pimcore flexible platform. We solve the real problem of eCommerce solutions…. They Don’t Meet Real Needs. The competition is rigid. CoreShop is flexible. Define your own actions and behaviors. Complex attributes? Millions of SKU’s? Massive Data? Multi-Currency and Multi-Country? CoreShop is the right solution for companies that don’t fit in a box.

Open source.  Cost effective.

Small businesses and large enterprises use CoreShop to get more out of eCommerce.

We'll help you get started. You can try it, get a demo or get training right away! CoreShop can help by Consulting, Architecting your solution, Implementing it, Training you and your team and provide ongoing support. In fact, I'm Pimcore's Pimconaut of the Year, contributing more to the Pimcore marketplace ecosystem than any other development team.


Great Foundation

  • Pimcore

    Built on top-of Pimcore and is natevily integrated.

  • Symfony

    Symfony is an Open Source PHP framework for developing web applications and Pimcore is built on ...

  • Twig

    The flexible, fast, and secure template engine for PHP

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    CoreShop is fully Open-Source to provide the best Pimcore eCommerce experience possible.


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