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Open Source

In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, CoreShop stands as a beacon of innovation and flexibility. As an open-source extension for Pimcore, CoreShop offers businesses the unique opportunity to tailor their digital commerce platforms to their specific needs.

Join the Open Source Revolution with CoreShop

Why Open Source Matters

Open source technology represents more than just free software; it's about community, collaboration, and freedom. With open-source solutions like CoreShop, businesses gain the following advantages:

1. Community-Driven Innovation: Open source projects are the culmination of collective expertise from a global community. This diverse input leads to more robust, innovative, and secure software.

2. Customization and Flexibility: Every business is unique, and open-source software like CoreShop understands this. It allows complete customization to meet specific business requirements, ensuring that your e-commerce platform truly reflects your brand's vision and strategy.

3. Cost-Effective Solutions: Without the hefty licensing fees associated with proprietary software, open source offers a more cost-effective solution. CoreShop, being open source, reduces overall digital commerce expenses while providing high-quality features.

4. Transparency and Security: Open-source software is transparent, with its code available for review. This transparency means any security vulnerabilities can be quickly identified and addressed by the community, leading to a more secure platform.

CoreShop and Pimcore: A Winning Combination
CoreShop harnesses the power of Pimcore, an open-source digital experience platform, to deliver unparalleled flexibility and efficiency in managing product information, digital assets, and customer experiences. Together, they provide a seamless integration that elevates digital commerce to new heights.

We commit to being Open-Source and always will be Open Source. Our Enterprise Program is meant to support Customers and Developers and enabling them make more amazing Pimcore and CoreShop Projects.

Without Open Source, without Pimcore being Open Source, without the help of an engaing Community and Community Members like @solvert, CoreShop wouldn't be what it is today. So many thanks to the whole Pimcore and CoreShop Community 🍻

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Thanks to all of your Contributions :)