Redefining Consumer Shopping

B2C Excellence with

CoreShop brings a revolution to the B2C landscape, offering a platform that combines intuitive design with powerful backend capabilities. Cater to the evolving needs of your consumers with a system designed for dynamic, engaging, and seamless shopping experiences.

Personalized Experiences

Deliver unique shopping journeys tailored to individual preferences using Pimcore's targeting capabilities

Flexible Design

Utilize the power of Symfony for custom design solutions, crafting unique and responsive storefronts

Dynamic Content Management

Effortlessly manage and update content to keep your store engaging and relevant

Advanced Targeting

Leverage Pimcore's advanced targeting tools to reach the right audience with precision

Seamless Integration

Enjoy smooth integration with various systems and platforms for a unified E-Commerce strategy

Scalable Architecture

Benefit from Symfony's scalable framework to grow your store in line with business needs

Enhanced User Interface

Create intuitive and user-friendly interfaces that enhance the shopping experience

Customizable Features

Adapt every aspect of your store, from product displays to checkout processes, for maximum efficiency and impact

Tailor Every Journey

Customized Shopping with Pimcore Targeting

CoreShop's integration with Pimcore targeting allows for highly personalized user experiences. By understanding and responding to individual customer behaviors and preferences, your E-Commerce platform can offer uniquely tailored content and recommendations

Enhanced personalization for each customer

Design Without Limits

Adaptive Storefronts with Symfony

Embrace the creative and functional potential of Symfony for your store's design. CoreShop combines this powerful framework to offer limitless design possibilities, ensuring your E-Commerce site is both visually striking and highly functional

Limitless design customization

Always Fresh, Always Relevant

Effortless Content Updates

Keep your online store ahead of the curve with Pimcore's dynamic content management. The ability to swiftly update and optimize content ensures your E-Commerce platform remains engaging and up-to-date

Regular, easy content updates

Reach the Right Audience

Precision Marketing with Advanced Targeting

CoreShop, coupled with Pimcore's targeting tools, enables precise customer segmentation. This integration leads to more effective marketing strategies, higher engagement, and improved conversion rates

Sophisticated audience targeting

Ready to Elevate Your Business

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