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Built on a Solid Foundation

CoreShop: Powered by Pimcore

Unlocking Limitless E-Commerce Potential

CoreShop harnesses the comprehensive power of Pimcore, an acclaimed PIM/DAM/MDM/CMS platform, to deliver an E-Commerce solution without equal. This marriage of systems provides an infrastructure that supports endless scalability and flexibility, essential for businesses aiming to adapt and thrive in a dynamic market landscape.

In the world of CoreShop, data management becomes a streamlined process, and content delivery is elevated to new heights of precision and personalization. You gain the ability to curate a customer journey so unique and efficient that it sets you apart in the digital space. Embrace the capability to expand your business horizons with CoreShop, where the only limit is your imagination.

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Synergy in Action

CoreShop and Pimcore: A Powerful Alliance

Discover the unparalleled synergy between CoreShop and Pimcore. This integration harnesses the robust capabilities of Pimcore's PIM/DAM/MDM/CMS systems, creating a foundation that's both strong and agile. It's a fusion that brings out the best in E-Commerce functionality, offering an unmatched level of control and efficiency in managing products, digital assets, and content

The combined strength of CoreShop and Pimcore not only streamlines operations but also elevates the user experience. It ensures a seamless flow of data, supports complex product structures, and facilitates dynamic content management. This integration is where technology meets creativity, empowering businesses to craft unique, engaging digital commerce experiences

Product Information Mastery

Leverage Pimcore's PIM for detailed product data management, enriching customer experience

Digital Asset Precision

Utilize Pimcore's DAM to centralize and optimize your digital asset handling

Master Data Management

Consolidate and control your master data effortlessly with Pimcore's MDM

Content Management System

Create, manage, and publish content dynamically using Pimcore's CMS capabilities

Seamless Integration

Enjoy a seamless flow between CoreShop and Pimcore, ensuring data integrity and operational harmony

Transforming E-Commerce

Your E-Commerce Advantage

A Platform for Success

CoreShop stands out as an advanced E-Commerce solution, leveraging the comprehensive power of Pimcore for robust data management and content delivery. Its flexibility in handling multi-store operations, dynamic pricing, and order management, combined with a powerful rule engine for shipping, makes it a highly adaptable platform. CoreShop offers businesses the tools to create customized, efficient, and scalable online retail experiences, setting them apart in the digital marketplace

Information Mastery

Revolutionary Product Information Management

CoreShop's Product Information Management (PIM) stands out due to its integration with Pimcore. This synergy allows for unparalleled control and flexibility in managing product data, enriching E-Commerce experiences. With CoreShop’s PIM, handling complex product catalogs and enriching them with detailed information becomes intuitive and efficient

Pimcore-powered PIM for ultimate data control

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Expand Your Reach

Effortless Multi-Store Management

CoreShop's multi-store capabilities allow you to run several online storefronts from a single interface, each customizable to suit different customer bases. This feature not only simplifies the management of diverse stores but also enhances your ability to target distinct market segments effectively. From thematic differences to unique product lines, each store can be a tailored shopping experience, aligning perfectly with its intended audience

Manage diverse stores, target unique markets

Pricing Made Perfect

Adaptive Price Engine

CoreShop's advanced price engine enables businesses to implement flexible and dynamic pricing strategies. Tailor your pricing based on factors like customer groups, geographical regions, or special promotions, ensuring a competitive edge in the market. This functionality not only caters to diverse customer needs but also helps in maximizing profits through strategic pricing

Strategic and dynamic pricing capabilities

Communicate Effectively

Customizable Email Notifications

CoreShop equips you with a powerful tool to set up and customize email notifications based on specific triggers in the customer journey. This feature ensures timely and relevant communication, enhancing the customer experience. From order confirmations to promotional alerts, tailor every communication to align with your marketing strategy and customer engagement goals

Tailored email communications for enhanced engagement

Stock Clarity

Streamlined Inventory Tracking

CoreShop's inventory management focuses on providing clear and accurate stock tracking. Monitor product availability in real-time, ensuring that your stock levels are always up-to-date. This straightforward approach to inventory management allows for effective product availability tracking, crucial for maintaining customer satisfaction and minimizing inventory discrepancies

Accurate stock tracking for effective management

Intelligent Shipping Rules

Advanced Shipping Rule Engine

CoreShop's powerful rule engine redefines shipping by determining carrier eligibility and pricing strategies. Tailor shipping rules to fit various scenarios, ensuring that each order finds the most efficient and cost-effective shipping solution. This approach not only offers flexibility in handling shipping needs but also optimizes the shipping process for both business efficiency and customer satisfaction

Customizable rules for optimized shipping

Payments Your Way

Seamless Payment Integrations

CoreShop's payment integration feature supports a range of payment gateways and methods, offering customers safe and convenient options to complete their purchases. From credit card processing to digital wallets, this system ensures secure transactions while providing the flexibility to accommodate various customer preferences

Diverse and secure payment methods

Seamless Order Flow

Efficient Order Processing System

CoreShop excels in providing a comprehensive order management system that handles every aspect from placement to delivery. Streamline your sales process with real-time order tracking, ensuring prompt and accurate fulfillment. The system's focus on efficiency helps maintain a smooth operational flow, significantly enhancing customer satisfaction through timely order processing and delivery

Streamlined handling from placement to delivery

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