Revolutionizing B2B with CoreShop & PIMCORE

CoreShop in tandem with Pimcore redefines the B2B E-Commerce landscape, offering a platform where complexity is simplified and efficiency is paramount. This powerful duo ensures that your business enjoys seamless management of intricate transactions and inventory, while also providing robust, tailor-made solutions for every unique B2B need. Embrace a new era of digital commerce where scalability and customization go hand in hand

Roles & Permissions

CoreShop allows B2B customers to define user roles and permissions within their organization, ensuring that each member has the appropriate level of access and control in the shopping process

Order Approval

Implement an effective order approval hierarchy in CoreShop, where team members' purchases can be swiftly reviewed and authorized by their supervisors, streamlining B2B transactions

Flexible Pricing

Adapt to market demands with CoreShop's flexible pricing mechanisms. Offer customized pricing strategies to meet the unique needs of each customer segment


Experience seamless integration capabilities with CoreShop. Connect with a variety of ERP, CRM, and other essential business systems effortlessly


Streamline your B2B processes with Pimcore's customizable workflows. Adapt the platform to fit your unique business logic and operational requirements

Multi-Channel Management

Manage your sales across various channels effortlessly with CoreShop. Ensure a consistent brand experience and efficient inventory control

Global Commerce

Expand your reach with CoreShop's global commerce capabilities. Effortlessly handle multiple currencies, tax configurations, and international shipping options


Harness the power of detailed product data management. CoreShop's integration with Pimcore ensures accurate and comprehensive product information across all your sales channels

CoreSHop Enterprise

Enterprise B2B Bundle: Streamlined and Secure

Empower Your Business with CoreShop's B2B Bundle

Our Enterprise B2B Bundle is designed to revolutionize your business operations. Focused on Roles & Permissions and Order Approval, this package offers unparalleled control and efficiency in managing B2B transactions. Tailored for businesses seeking streamlined operations and enhanced oversight, it's the ideal solution for sophisticated commerce needs

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Revolutionize Your Retail Strategy

Omni-Channel Excellence with PIM Integration

Our Omni-Channel solution, integrated with Pimcore Product Information Management (PIM), bridges the gap between digital and physical retail spaces. This approach ensures consistency in product information and customer experience across all platforms, enhancing engagement and operational efficiency. Embrace a holistic retail strategy that adapts to consumer behaviors and market trends 

Seamlessly merge online and offline channels

Unlock Business Agility

Workflow Excellence with Pimcore's Engine

Leverage the power of Pimcore's robust Workflow engine within CoreShop to automate and optimize various business processes. This feature allows for unprecedented control over workflows related to customers, products, companies, and more, ensuring efficiency and adaptability in your operations. Transform your business approach with tailored, automated workflows that respond dynamically to your needs

Streamline every aspect of your business

Expand Your Retail Horizons

Embrace Versatility with CoreShop Multi-Stores

CoreShop's multi-store feature allows for distinct product catalogs, customer bases, and theming for different frontends. This flexibility enables you to tailor unique shopping experiences, whether for mixed B2B and B2C environments or multiple B2B setups. Capitalize on the opportunity to cater to diverse market segments under one powerful platform.

Diversify your retail strategy effortlessly

Ready to Elevate Your Business

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