CoreShop is Redefining User and Developer Experiences in Pimcore. This suite of bundles is not just about e-commerce; it's a transformative toolkit designed to elevate the capabilities of Pimcore. CoreShop seamlessly integrates to enhance both the User Experience (UX) and Developer Experience (DX), making it a pivotal addition for any Pimcore implementation

Enhance Your Pimcore Journey

CoreShop: The Ultimate Enhancement Toolkit for Pimcore

Transform Your Pimcore Experience with CoreShop

CoreShop isn't just an e-commerce extension; it's a comprehensive suite of bundles meticulously crafted to enrich Pimcore's functionality. Here's how CoreShop elevates the Pimcore experience:

CoreShop distinctly enhances the user experience in Pimcore through innovative bundles. For instance, the MessengerBundle provides critical insights into the workings of Symfony Messenger, especially for asynchronous tasks, offering a clearer view and control over these processes. Additionally, the IndexBundle simplifies the configuration and implementation of layered navigation and faceted search, streamlining user interactions. CoreShop also includes Pimcore Extensions specifically designed to improve usability for managing complex DataObjects, ensuring a more intuitive and efficient user interface.

CoreShop's appeal to developers is its focus on reusability and enhanced functionality. The IndexBundle stands out as a prime example, offering developers an efficient, streamlined way to handle indexing and search features. Moreover, CoreShop's Pimcore Bundle incorporates a variety of developer-friendly features that significantly improve the Developer Experience. These features are designed to simplify and enhance the development process, making it more intuitive and efficient, and thereby allowing developers to focus on creating the most effective solutions for their projects

CoreShop uniquely redefines the concept of modularity and reusability in the Pimcore space. Its suite of bundles, originally designed for e-commerce, possesses an extraordinary potential to be applied in various non-commerce contexts. This innovative approach allows businesses to leverage e-commerce functionalities in diverse areas, enhancing efficiency and user engagement across different digital platforms.

In conclusion, CoreShop is not just an enhancement to Pimcore’s e-commerce capabilities; it’s a transformative force in the digital landscape, offering solutions that extend well beyond the realms of online retail. Its ability to repurpose e-commerce technology for varied applications makes it an invaluable asset for any organization looking to innovate and improve their digital presence.

Redefine how data is accessed with the IndexBundle. Create efficient indices and filters for DataObjects, enabling fast and intuitive layered navigation and faceted search in your frontend, streamlining the user experience.

Elevate the Pimcore backend with the MenuBundle. Craft custom menus using PHP and seamlessly extend functionalities of other bundles, enhancing navigation and usability in the admin interface.

Gain valuable insights into the Symfony Messenger. The MessengerBundle provides a detailed view into asynchronous task handling, offering clarity and control over message processes

Ensure data integrity with OptimisticEntityLockBundle. This bundle allows for optimistic locking of Pimcore entities, preventing conflicts and maintaining data consistency

Organize and track entities effortlessly with SequenceBundle. Generate sequenced numbers for various entities like orders, enhancing organization and tracking in your systems

Maximize the potential of Pimcore with the Pimcore Bundle. This bundle offers an array of advanced features and integrations, designed to enrich the Pimcore experience. Tailored for developers, it simplifies customization and enhances the development process, enabling more efficient and creative solutions within the Pimcore ecosystem

Revolutionize list management with StorageListBundle. Ideal for handling lists storing products with quantities, like orders or wishlists, and adaptable for non-commerce applications

Transform your Pimcore site with ThemeBundle. This bundle makes theming straightforward and efficient, allowing for easy customization and a unique look for your digital platform

Streamline the management of product variants with VariantBundle. Handle variants and their selection with ease, enhancing the user experience and product management