Transform Your Business with Pimcore and CoreShop

Discover the power of seamless data management and enhanced E-Commerce with Pimcore and CoreShop. Our integrated platforms offer robust solutions for Product Information Management, Master Data Management, and powerful E-Commerce capabilities, streamlining your digital strategy for superior business performance


Product Information Management (PIM)

Centralize and manage all your product data with Pimcore's PIM. Streamline product information across various channels for consistency and quality, enhancing customer experiences

Digital Asset Management

Efficiently manage and share all digital media assets. Pimcore's DAM system supports various file types and automates workflows for easier asset handling and distribution

Content Management System

Create, manage, and publish content with ease. Pimcore's CMS offers a user-friendly platform for delivering personalized digital experiences across multiple channels

Master Data Management

Achieve a single source of truth for all enterprise data. Pimcore's MDM ensures data consistency, quality, and governance, facilitating better decision-making

Seamless Integration Capabilities

Pimcore offers seamless integration with existing IT ecosystems, enhancing data connectivity and synchronization across various business applications

Scalability and Customization

Tailor Pimcore to your business needs. Its scalable architecture and customizable features adapt as your business grows, ensuring long-term viability

Empower Your Data

Mastering Product Information & Data Management

Unlock the full potential of your product data and master enterprise data management with Pimcore's advanced PIM/MDM solutions. Streamline, enrich, and harmonize your data for optimal business performance

PIM/MDM Excellence with Pimcore

Elevating Your Data Strategy

Dive deep into the world of Product Information Management and Master Data Management with Pimcore. Experience unparalleled control and efficiency in managing your product data and master records. Enhance data quality, consistency, and accessibility across your organization, driving better decisions and customer experiences

PIM on

Centralized Data Hub

Centralize all your product information and master data in one place, ensuring easy access and management

Data Quality & Consistency

Maintain high-quality, consistent data across all channels, reducing errors and enhancing reliability

Efficient Data Governance

Implement robust governance policies to manage and protect your critical data assets effectively

Scalable Data Management

Scale your data management efforts seamlessly as your business grows, adapting to new challenges and opportunities

Seamless System Integration

Integrate Pimcore seamlessly with your existing IT infrastructure for synchronized and efficient data handling

Instant Data Access

Access up-to-date product information and master data in real-time, facilitating quick and informed decision-making

Organize Your Digital Universe

Harness the Power of Digital Asset Management

Elevate the way you manage digital content with Pimcore's Digital Asset Management (DAM). From images and videos to documents and audio files, centralize and optimize your digital assets for enhanced efficiency and brand consistency

Transforming Digital Asset Management

Pimcore DAM: Your Digital Content, Streamlined

Pimcore's Digital Asset Management revolutionizes the way you store, manage, and share digital assets. With a focus on ease of use, scalability, and integration, our DAM solution provides a single source of truth for all your digital content, ensuring that your marketing and creative teams have immediate access to the assets they need, in the format they require

DAM on

Single Source for Digital Assets

Store all your digital assets in one organized, easily accessible location, reducing redundancy and ensuring consistency

Support for Various Formats

Manage a wide range of digital formats, from images and videos to documents, ensuring versatility in media handling

Rich Metadata Capabilities

Enrich your digital assets with metadata to enhance searchability and categorization, making asset retrieval effortless

Streamlined Asset Workflows

Automate and streamline digital asset workflows, enhancing productivity and collaboration across teams

Maintain Brand Integrity

Ensure consistent use of brand assets across all channels and touchpoints, reinforcing brand identity

Instant Access & Sharing

Access and share digital assets in real-time, anywhere, facilitating quick collaboration and content deployment

Digital Storytelling, Redefined

Master Content Management with Pimcore CMS

Craft and deliver compelling digital experiences with Pimcore's Content Management System (CMS). Tailor your digital presence with a flexible, intuitive platform designed to drive engagement and conversion

Pimcore CMS: Your Gateway to Digital Excellence

Content Management Made Intuitive

Embrace the power of Pimcore CMS to create, manage, and publish content effortlessly. With its user-friendly interface and advanced features, our CMS empowers you to build dynamic websites, portals, and applications that resonate with your audience. Experience the freedom of creative expression and operational efficiency, all in one platform


Easy Content Creation & Editing

Leverage an intuitive editor for effortless content creation and modification, ensuring a seamless user experience

Omni-Channel Delivery

Efficiently publish and manage content across multiple digital platforms and channels from a single interface

Tailored User Experiences

Customize content for different audience segments, delivering personalized experiences that boost engagement

Enhanced Search Visibility

Optimize your content for search engines, improving visibility and driving more organic traffic

Seamless System Integration

Integrate with various digital tools and platforms, enhancing functionality and content reach

Robust & Scalable Platform

Trust a platform that scales with your growth while ensuring the highest levels of security and compliance

Unifying Commerce and Data Management

CoreShop & Pimcore: A Seamless Integration

Discover the synergy between CoreShop and Pimcore, where comprehensive data management meets cutting-edge E-Commerce solutions. Leverage the combined power of Pimcore's robust data systems with CoreShop's E-Commerce expertise for a unified, efficient, and powerful digital commerce experience

The Ultimate E-Commerce Solution

Why CoreShop and Pimcore are a Perfect Match

CoreShop and Pimcore integration represents the pinnacle of seamless E-Commerce and data management. This perfect blend offers an all-in-one solution, harmonizing product information, digital assets, and customer data with sophisticated E-Commerce functionalities. Enhance your digital commerce strategy with a platform designed for synergy, efficiency, and scalability

Streamlined Data Flow

Leverage Pimcore's robust data management for seamless integration with CoreShop, ensuring consistent and accurate product information across your E-Commerce platform

Consistent Brand Experience

Unify your digital assets and content management with CoreShop's E-Commerce functionalities, delivering a cohesive brand experience across all customer touchpoints

Automated and Efficient

Automate key E-Commerce processes by leveraging Pimcore’s data capabilities, enhancing operational efficiency and reducing time-to-market

Future-Proof Scalability

Scale your E-Commerce operations with ease, supported by the robust and flexible infrastructure of Pimcore, tailored to grow with your business needs

Ready to Elevate Your Business

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