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Embrace the opportunity to grow and innovate with CoreShop. Join our Partner Program and unlock a world of benefits tailored to elevate your business

Support and Resources

Access a wealth of resources and dedicated support to enhance your CoreShop expertise

Training Discounts

Enjoy exclusive discounts on CoreShop training programs

Enterprise Extension Discounts

Benefit from significant discounts on CoreShop's Enterprise Extensions, enhancing your service offerings

Dedicated Partner Support

Receive personalized support tailored to your business needs, ensuring success in your CoreShop endeavors


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Partnership Tiers

Explore Partnership Levels

Our Partner Program includes three tiers – Pioneers, Innovators, and Experts – each offering distinct benefits and opportunities. The Pioneer level supports newcomers, Innovators are for growing partners, and Experts represent our most advanced tier. Joining our program means accessing tailored resources, training, and collaborative opportunities. Partners enjoy visibility, exclusive resources, and a collaborative community


Foundation support and resources for new entrants


Enhanced tools and opportunities for growing businesses


Top-tier benefits and collaboration for seasoned professionals

Exclusive Advantages

Partner Program Benefits

Joining the CoreShop Partner Program opens a gateway to exclusive benefits, including access to cutting-edge resources, enhanced business opportunities, and increased brand visibility. As a partner, you'll be aligned with an innovative leader in E-Commerce, gaining the tools and recognition to propel your business forward in a competitive digital marketplace.

Unique benefits for business growth

Comprehensive Assistance

Dedicated Services and Support

Our partners receive unparalleled support and services, ensuring they can leverage CoreShop's full potential. This includes expert guidance, technical assistance, and strategic advice, helping to streamline operations, enhance customer offerings, and drive business success

Tailored support for partner success


Exclusive Discounts for Partners

Partners benefit from exclusive discounts on CoreShop's Enterprise Extensions and Trainings, a key advantage for enhancing service offerings. This perk is designed to make advanced features more accessible, enabling partners to offer more robust solutions to their clients

Discounts on Trainings and advanced features

Partnership Criteria

Partner Program Requirements

The CoreShop Partner Program has specific criteria for each partnership level, designed to ensure a mutually beneficial relationship. These requirements help maintain a high standard of quality and service, ensuring that all partners are well-equipped to represent and utilize CoreShop effectively

Criteria for quality and excellence

Your Guide to Success

Comprehensive Partner Guide

Our detailed Partner Guide is an essential resource for current and prospective partners. It provides an in-depth look at the benefits, requirements, and opportunities within the CoreShop Partner Program. This guide is designed to help you navigate the partnership process, understand the different levels, and make the most of the program's offerings. Download it today to start your journey towards becoming a CoreShop partner

Essential insights for partnership success

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