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Customized Control

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Autonomous Team Creation

Customers can independently set up teams, aligning with their company’s structure

Self-Managed Roles

Define custom roles within teams for tailored access and responsibilities

User-Defined Permissions

Customers have the freedom to assign permissions, controlling workflow and access

Order Approval Delegation

Set up order approvals to be managed by team leaders or supervisors

Custom Access Levels

Tailor access levels for users, balancing security with operational needs

Company Control

Companies can manage team activities, including overseeing order approvals

Flexible Team Assignments

Assign and reassign team members as your business evolves

Checkout Permissions

Customers manage checkout permissions, defining who can finalize transactions

Customize Access

Dynamic Roles & Permissions

Control your platform’s security and workflow by defining roles and permissions tailored to your operational structure. This enables precise management of user capabilities and access

Tailor platform access and control

Team Collaboration

Strategic Team Management

Craft the backbone of your company’s workflow with flexible team structuring. Align your teams with business goals for optimal collaboration and efficiency

Organize teams for better synergy

Role Clarity

Efficient User Role Assignment

Streamline operations by assigning clear roles to team members, facilitating an organized approach to managing your company’s workflow and responsibilities

Clear roles for streamlined operations

Order Oversight

Streamlined Approval Workflows

Implement approval workflows to enhance transactional oversight, ensuring that orders align with business rules and are verified by supervisors

Enhance control over order approvals

Operational Efficiency

Optimized Order Management

Facilitate a seamless order management experience with role-specific permissions, streamlining the process from cart to completion

Seamless process from order to fulfillment

Secure Operations

Granular Permission Settings

Manage operational security and efficiency with detailed permission settings, allowing for customized access levels across different user roles

Customized access for secure operations

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