Empower Your Customers

Flexible Payment Options

CoreShop Credit Bundle

Credit Purchases

Enable customers to make purchases on credit, offering them flexibility and convenience in their buying process. This feature enhances customer trust and loyalty

Manual Approval

Each credit order requires manual approval, adding a crucial layer of control and security to your transactions. This safeguard ensures responsible credit usage

Enhanced Security

The Credit Bundle's approval process provides an additional security layer, protecting both your business and customers from potential financial risks

Streamlined Management

Efficiently manage credit transactions within CoreShop. The system simplifies tracking and approval, ensuring smooth operation and customer satisfaction

Empower with Flexibility

Custom Credit Limits

Set bespoke credit limits for each customer or company, offering a personalized approach to credit management. This feature enhances trust and accommodates varying financial capacities of clients

Tailored credit limits for every customer

Ensuring Security

Secure Manual Approval

Credit orders are placed on 'Financial Hold' for manual review, adding a critical security layer. This procedure ensures responsible credit usage and financial integrity

Rigorous approval for credit orders

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