Flexible Payment Solutions

Introducing the Deposit Bundle

CoreShop Deposit


Deposit Payment Option

Provide an alternative payment method by allowing customers to make a deposit instead of full upfront payment

Large Purchase Management

Facilitate easier handling of large purchases, making them more accessible to customers

Flexible Deposit Percentages

Set custom deposit percentages for different products, offering versatility in payment options

Backend Payment Request

Efficiently manage final payment requests through the backend, ensuring a smooth completion of the purchase process

Flexible Payments

Customer Deposit Choice

Enable customers to select a deposit option at checkout, providing a flexible way to secure their purchases with partial payment

Empowering customer choice

Customize Your Offerings

Set Deposit Percentages

Configure deposit percentages for products from the backend, tailoring the deposit required for different items

Flexible deposit settings

Monitor Payments

Track Partial Payments

Use the backend to view and manage partial payments made by customers, keeping track of financial transactions

Efficient payment tracking

Complete Transactions

Final Payment Request

Initiate final payment requests directly from order details, facilitating the completion of sales efficiently

Streamline transaction closure

Seamless Checkout

Final Payment Processing

Customers can easily complete their final payments through a dedicated payment page, ensuring a smooth end-to-end purchasing experience

Simplified final payment

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