Reward Your Customers

Encourage Repeat Business

CoreShop Loyalty


Loyalty Rules

Define how customers earn points, customizing the system to fit your business model

Loyalty Account

Customers can track their loyalty points and progress in a dedicated loyalty account, enhancing engagement


Convert loyalty points into vouchers, offering customers tangible rewards for their continued patronage

Visible Points

Ensure customers can easily view their earned points during shopping, adding excitement and a sense of achievement

Dynamic Reward System

Versatile Rules for Loyalty Points

Implement a dynamic rules engine in the Loyalty Bundle to create customized ways for customers to earn points. Tailor the system to align with specific actions and purchases, making the loyalty program more engaging

Custom point-earning rules

Your Points, Your Way

Personalized Loyalty Accounts

Customers can easily access and manage their loyalty points through their personalized accounts, keeping track of their rewards and upcoming benefits

Track rewards effortlessly

Rewarding Loyalty

Seamless Voucher Conversion

Empower customers to turn their loyalty points into valuable vouchers, offering them a rewarding shopping experience and incentives to return

Points to vouchers

Points in Plain Sight

Transparent Point Visibility

Enhance customer engagement by displaying loyalty points visibly during shopping, adding an element of excitement and achievement to the buying process

Easily viewable loyalty points

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