Optimize Your Inventory

Streamlined Stock Management

CoreShop Warehouse


Multi-Warehouse Management

Easily manage stock across various warehouses, enhancing your logistical capabilities

Flexible Stock Handling

Add or remove stock from specific locations, adapting to dynamic inventory needs

Stock Transfer Tool

Utilize a dedicated tool for transferring stock, ensuring smooth internal logistics

Shipping Location Selection

Select stock locations during the shipping process for precise inventory distribution

Inventory Mastery

Streamlined Warehouse Management

Manage your inventory efficiently across multiple warehouses, ensuring accurate stock levels and location tracking

Precise control over multiple warehouses

Know Your Stock

Accurate Location Insights

Track the exact location of inventory items within your warehouse network, ensuring a clear understanding of where each item is stored at any given time

Precise inventory localization

Move with Ease

Effortless Inventory Transfers

The Stock Transfer Tool allows for seamless movement of inventory between locations, facilitating efficient redistribution to meet demand

Fluid stock reallocation

Ship Smartly

Strategic Shipping Location Selection

Choose the most strategic shipping locations during order fulfillment to optimize delivery times and reduce logistics costs

Strategic shipping for efficiency

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